Neil patel keyword tool।Keyword planner.

Neil patel keyword tool।Keyword planner.

Neil patel keyword tool

Neil patel keyword tool. Now-a-days there are so many competition on online  that's why keyword planner is necessary for those people who are doing their jobs on online.

♦What is keyword?
♦What is keyword planner?
♦Why keyword planner need to use?

What is keyword?

Keyword is what about you write articles on your website. For example, you write articles about mobile related, here "mobile" is your keyword.Let's do this clear  suppose i'm write articles about blogging, here "Blog" is one of my keyword.

What is keyword planner?

Keyword planner is one kind of tool that help you to find the best keyword for your website.

Why keyword planner need to use?

Keyword planner need to use cause to get full information about your keyword. Without known about keyword you can't get success easily on online.In a simple wrod if you want to get success on online then you must need to use keyword planner.
Here in this article i'm gonna talk about neilpatel keyword tools.Neilpatel keyword tools will help you to find the best keyword for website as well as also for ranking articles on google first page.
By using neilpatel keyword tools you also will'be able to know about your competitors site details & how they rank.
Let's know how to use neilpatel keyword tools:

It's so easy to use
Fast of all open any browser & write an url
After open this site scroll down then you'll see a box, write your competitors domain name there and click on search button
Neil patel keyword tool

After clicking on search button  you will'be see your competitors domain details there.
Neil patel keyword tool

 Even you want to know about keyword details, you can do it there.Just write your keyword there & click on search button.
Neil patel keyword tool

 After clicking on search button then you will'be see your keyword details there & also you will'be see there that how much chance to rank your keyword.
Neil patel keyword tool

 Also you will'be see your keyword overview.
Neil patel keyword tool

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